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Horseback Riding School for Children

The Riding School 

What we're all about...

Our Mission 

To teach riding and horsemastership to  advance and promote responsible care and ownership.

Our Goal 

To help young people grow into the best adults they can be with horses and  equestrian sport as our foundation. 

Our Promise to You:  To provide safe,  caring and fun instruction to all of our students. 


Deb Ritchie - Instructor 

Deb was born with a love and passion for horses, and can totally relate to her young riders who seem to feel the same.  She has been riding since she was in grade school and horses have remained her passion for her lifetime.  She is an accomplished rider, having trained in both Dressage and Hunt Seat which are English styles of riding. She has been a competitor, barn owner, trainer and riding instructor for over three decades. Certified by the American Riding Instructors Association she teaches young riders balance, position and control, with an emphasis on safety, caring about the horse or pony and fun! 

Meet a few of our lesson horses & ponies

Where would we be without the wonderful partnerships we have with our horses and ponies?   

Cool Dude 

Patient and kind

Dude has been a part of our family for several years.  He's a gentle fellow and gives our kids a great start. 


Our Rock Star

Ranger is a very laid back fellow.  He'll wear a cowboy hat and western bridle without putting up a fuss. 

Halley Berry 

School Mascot 

We named Halley after the famous actress because of her beautiful big eyes.  Halley is a mini-horse with a big attitude!  

Deborah holds a Level III Certification in both Hunt Seat on the Flat and Over Fences.