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Come Back to Riding and Enjoy Your Love of Horses Again!

As Adults our days are filled with work, family, chores and seemingly little else.  You deserve to take the time for yourself and immerse yourself in the peace of just being around horses.  There's nothing more soothing than brushing out a horse's mane and tail, grooming his coat or listening to him happily munching on his hay.

The Riding School Welcomes Adult Riders! 

My Horse Buddy

Maybe you just want to enjoy handling, feeding and grooming a horse until you feel comfortable around him before learning to ride or get back in the saddle.  We offer a 'Horse Buddy' package which provides you with horsemanship ground lessons & time on your own to just "be" with your Horse Buddy.  Horses have an uncanny way of easing our worries and just making everything a little bit better. Some of our best ideas and solutions come when we're able to just relax at the barn. 

Starting at just $160.00 per month, you'll enjoy a once a week  horsemanship lesson and have access to your assigned horse, and all the grooming equipment you'll need to care for your Bud.

With a little time you'll come to really know your Buddy, his personality and gestures.  

Adult Riding Lessons 

Riding lessons are available 5 days of the week and can be scheduled to work around your busy day or work schedule.  

We teach first time riding adults through experienced riders. A description of our lesson offerings can be found on the 

"Youth Lesson Page".  Adult lessons are available in

 Levels I, II, and III