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"Kids and Horses" Day Camps 

2020 Camp Season


We've just moved to our new home at Admiralty Farm in June of 2020.  We hope to be able to offer a few camps in late July and early August.  

Our Children's Day Camps are for kids, ages 5 - 11 who don't have much experience horseback riding or caring for a horse or pony.  Each day Campers will care for their shared horse or pony learning about brushing, bathing, braiding, feeding, leading, and riding!  They may also have the opportunity to watch our horseshoer or veterinarian work on one of our horses.  In addition, they'll have a bit of classroom time where they'll enjoy arts & crafts, along with games and competitions all geared around the joy of horses and ponies.  

Campers get to show off their new skills to family and friends on the last day of camp in a "Camper Horse Show" and earn a Certificate of Achievement along with a Horse Show Ribbon. 

Daily riding lessons are the highlight of the camp! Campers are taught the basics of balance, position, and how to steer, stop, or ask the pony to go! Lessons are taught by Deborah Ritchie, a USHJA and ARIA Certified Professional Instructor with over 30 years of teaching and training experience.  Horse Care lessons as well as our Classroom time and arts and crafts are taught by Deb Ritchie and a Camp Counselor.

Additionally we have many CIT's ( Counselor's in Training ), young riders from the ages of 12 through their early  twenties, who volunteer their skills and knowledge to assist our instructor and Camp Counselor with daily camp activities.  Please complete a CIT application form if you are interested in being a camp volunteer this spring and or summer.  Your volunteer service is an important community service activity, helpful with college, scholarship and job applications! 

The safety of our campers is our number one priority each day, but at the same time we want the kids to have fun while learning. Our horses and ponies are well trained, gentle and enjoy all the attention the children give them.  

"...We bet you know one little girl who would rather clean a stall than her room..."  

Author unknown

"All ponies, deserve at least once in their lives, to be loved by a little girl."   

  Author unknown​