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Horseback Riding School for Children

The Riding School 

Riding Lessons

We are proud to offer these programs to get your kids started in horseback riding!

Weekly Riding Lessons - Beginners through Advanced

6 week Subscription Plan, $60 per lesson

Children, new to riding, are invited to enroll in our Introduction to Riding classes. As a rider's skills advance, they can move up to the intermediate and advanced classes. All classes include both Riding and Practical Horse Care lessons. 

Included in a 6 week term of lessons;  

  • 5 mounted lessons and one group ground class. The ground class will be held during the 6th week. We will offer both a weekday and weekend ground class time for you to choose from. We encourage all of our students to make time to attend the ground class! 
  • One make-up lesson will be provided, so long as we receive proper notice of cancellation. In the 6th week of each term, make-ups are scheduled during your weekly scheduled lesson time.  
  • A safe, well trained lesson horse or pony. Enjoy horses and riding without having to own a horse! 
  • All of the grooming tools, boots, blankets, saddles and bridles required to care for and ride the horse. 
  • A spacious, fully enclosed indoor arena which allows riding year-round regardless of the rain, snow, wind or intense sun. 
  • Ample areas to groom and prepare a horse or pony for lessons.  
  • We maintain a clean and organized barn with plenty of parking, and heated restroom.

We love our horses and endeavor to give them the best life possible. Therefore we limit the number of times they are used in lessons for the day and for the week. They have days off just like we do!  


Mom & Me Group Lesson

6 week Subscription Plan, $40 per lesson

We offer both private and group lead line sessions. 

Mom & Me Group Sessions

Our youngest riders start out on a lead line.  Parents and guardians are invited to join in on the fun, by signing up as students too! Parents and guardians learn about safe horse handling, how a horse thinks and reacts, how to groom and saddle up a pony, and how to safely lead their child's pony during the lesson. This is a great way for adults to learn about the sport of riding.  Plan on spending an hour at the barn for your Mom & Me session. 

Private lead line sessions.

The kids begin to learn about ponies and safety by helping with brushing and leading the pony before they mount up. Once they are up on the pony, they spend from 15 - 20 minutes iriding.  It's a great introduction to ponies and riding and  runs from 30 to 45 minutes total. 

This Subscription Plan includes 6 Lead Line sessions. and all of  the items listed under Weekly Riding Lessons. * Please note one make-up lesson per 6 week term will be provided, so long as we receive proper notice of cancellation. 

Scroll down for more information and to secure your child a spot in one of our classes! 


Lesson Program Information

We proudly offer a 5% discount to military families, 4-H members and siblings! 

6 Week Terms: The Riding School operates on a 6 week calendar.  At the completion of each 6-week term, The Riding School closes and takes a one week break. This allows our horses and instructor to take a brief pause and for us to work on routine farm maintenance items. Break periods are scheduled to coincide with major holidays throughout the year. The final term of the year is just three weeks long because we take an extended Christmas, Holiday break.  

Subscription: Lessons are offered on a pre-paid subscription basis only. This is to reduce the amount of administrative time and costs required to invoice clients and to be certain that payments have been received. The subscriptions are vital to help us insure that payments are timely, and we can plan for the needs of our horses in advance. Once you've selected your lesson package, you will be automatically charged every six weeks until such time as you decide to pause or cancel your subscription. Your subscription and participation in our program is greatly appreciated as it allows us to provide for the needs of our horses and ponies. 

Age Range & Limitations: We accept children ages 3-18.  We have a rider weight limit of 160 pounds, taking into consideration the age and sizes of our lesson horses and ponies. 

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