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Lesson Cost & Payment Policies

Lesson Payment

Our lessons are sold in packages of 4, 8 or 12 sessions over the course of a month.  

Lessons are pre-paid and payment is due the first of each month.


*As a thank you to those participants pre-purchasing three months of lessons, we  provide a 10% discount over our  monthly rates.

 Your tuition payment allows you access to an assigned lesson horse or pony,  instruction, grooming tools, saddle, bridle and other riding tack.  

We accept cash or checks made payable to THE RIDING SCHOOL or electronic payments from your bank to ours using Zelle, a digital payment network. When using Zelle, please use our email address to list us as the recipient;

     [email protected] 

We charge a $35.00 Non-Sufficient Funds fee for checks that do not clear the bank.  

Lesson Make-Ups:

So long as you give us a 24 hour advance notice of a lesson cancellation, we'll schedule a makeup lesson.  Dependent upon scheduling and horse availability, your make-up will either be a riding lesson or a horse care sesion. If you are ill or injured, we will accept less than a 24 hour notice. Cancellations received after your lesson time do no qualify for a make-up.  All make-ups must be completed within 30 days of the cancelled lesson. It is your responsibility to schedule and attend your make-up. If you miss your make-up, you forfeit the lesson. If your schedule does not allow for a make-up, you forfeit that lesson. 

If a lesson must be cancelled due to your instructor's absence, weather or some other extenuating circumstance, the instructor will schedule your make-up within a 30 day period. 


Our Lesson Programs

A Natural Progression Towards Success! The most effective way for a student to advance their skills is to create a

strong foundation to build upon. There really are no shortcuts. We take our students step by step to help them become

the best they can be as riders and horsemen.

School Horse Lesson Fees - Non Horse Owning Students

Riding Opportunities for Children 3 to 7 years old

Private Lead Line Session

Introduce your child to the fun or riding.  This 30 minute session allows your child to spend a bit of time brushing the pony and 10 - 15 minutes in the saddle being safely lead by the instructor.  Kids are required to wear a safety helmet on their heads.  

Monthly purchase:      $140.00 per month, or $35.00 paid at the time of the session.

includes grooming, tacking up and riding time

Mom & Me Group Leadline Session 

Monthly purchase:    $140.00 per month. 

Up to 3 leadline children per class with their Mom or Dad leading the pony.  The parent or guardian who will be leading the pony must attend a 30 minute safety in leading and handling session prior to participating in the group class.

Children ride for up to 30 minutes at the instructor's discretion. 

Level I & Level II - once a week lessons: 

90 minute session;  30 mins riding instruction and 30 mins to tack up, & 30 mins to groom horse & put away

Monthly purchase :             $ 220.00 per month for a package of 4 lessons and one horsemanship class. 

Quarterly purchase:            $ 594.00 ( a monthly discount of 10%)

Level I & Level II - twice a week lessons

90 min session; 30 mins riding instruction, 30 mins to tack up & 30 mins to groom & put the horse away.

Monthly purchase:       $ 400.00 per month for a package of 8 lessons and one horsemanship class.

Quarterly purchase:     $1,080.00 ( a monthly discount of 10%)

Lesson Fees - Horse Owner - haul in 

Level I & Level II - Hunt Seat Equitation - ON THE FLAT ( does not include jumping) 

1 hour session  Monthly purchase:  $  300.00 per month for package of 4  lessons 

* Please note, your lesson fee includes a $10.00 per session haul in fee. Boarding customers, deduct $40.00 per month in haul in fees. 

Level III - Jumping Lessons

1 hour session  Monthly purchase:  $320.00 per month, package of 4 lessons 

* Your lesson fee includes a $10,00 per session haul in fee. 


Jumping lessons are available for horse or pony owners - ages 8 years old and up.  To participate, riders must be competent in level I & II work.  Lessons may include ground poles, cross-rails, cavelleti or gymnastic exercises, 

trot and canter fences, course work.  

My Horse Buddy!  Sponsor one of our semi or fully retired lesson horses.

Sponsors will initially attend a grooming and safe handling class. Sponsorship allows you to attend any future Horsemastership class offered.  Monthly sponsors can visit their assigned horse to groom, hand walk, and/or hand graze.  This is a great way to be around horses, and participate in the care and welfare of an older horse without ownership.  Available for horse lovers ages 18 and over. 

Monthly sponsorship:  A minimum of $100.00 per month.  We appreciate contributions of any additional amount to help care for our semi and fully retired lesson horses.