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Spend the Day at Admiralty Farm

For those students, ages 12 & up,  who want to spend more time at the barn outside of their riding lesson days, we offer them the opportunity to spend from 4 - 5 hours at the barn to shadow their instructor and continue to learn and grow as equestrians. "Spend the Day at Admiralty" is 

$40.00 per day. Days offered varies depending upon the time of year. 

USHJA Quiz Challenge

learn more

The United States Hunter Jumper Association offers a free

educational program for riders under the age of 21.  The study guide is also free!  The Riding School will provide a sign up sheet for all interested students and will schedule study days based upon the preferences of those signed up. 

Deb Ritchie leads this study group at no cost to participants. 

US Equestrian Lettering Program

The United States Equestrian Federation has a great lettering program to recognize the achievements of equestrian athletes in grades 5 - 12.  

Our students can earn a letter similar to the letters earned by junior high and high school football, track and basketball athletes for example.  

Non-horse owning students can participate.  I encourage all of my Jr. High and High School students to participate in this fun program.  Click the link below for information:


Student Volunteer Opportunities 

Volunteers must be current students at Admiralty, 12 years old and up, riding at Level II, Transitional Level and enrolled in our program for a minimum of 3 months.  Acceptance into the Volunteer program is based upon a student's consistent attendance at his/her lessons over the 3 month period, the quality of their work handling & grooming their lesson horse or personal horse, caring for the tack, and their ability to follow instructions & follow basic farm rules.  Additionally, volunteers must be polite and accepting of any students or other workers & volunteers and in general be a pleasure to be around.  

Volunteer jobs include grooming and helping other students prepare their horses for lessons, assisting with feeding chores, scrubbing and cleaning feed and water buckets, cleaning horse boots and brushes, bathing horses as directed,hand grazing, cooling out, hand walking horses, and sweeping up and keeping grooming bays, the wash rack and tack areas clean.  In exchange for volunteering, participants enjoy spending additional hours at the barn, without charge, while learning and growing their horsemanship skills. 

Historically, volunteer positions are highly sought after and require responsible participants. 

Working Student Positions

From time to time Admiralty Farm may require the help of a Working Student. Working Students work closely with Deborah Ritchie in the care and training of the lesson horses. The Working Student position is for individuals age 16 years and up who have been riding with Deborah for a minimum of 3 months.  They will be called upon to longe, clip, exercise under saddle, and complete relevant tasks they are directed to do under Deborah's supervision. Deborah will provide the student with up to 3 riding lessons per week, in exchange for 12 hours of work per week.  

The Working Student position requires a trustworthy, hard working individual, responsible and able to follow instructions. They should be eager and willing to learn and ready to work.  

If you have an interest in teaching, training or grooming horses professionally, the Working Student position is a great place to  start.