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The Nuts & Bolts

Tuition Payment 

Tuition Payment:

Participants in The Riding School enroll in one of our Programs, such as Level I and above.   We do not provide single lesson purchases, with the exception of 'Meet the Ponies', 'Leadline', & 'Spend the Day at TRS'

Payment is due the first of each month to receive the Value Package Rate for that month's lessons and other types of Riding School activities. We accept checks made payable to THE RIDING SCHOOL or electronic payments from your bank to ours using Zelle, and we accept cash.  Effective May 1st, Registered students may pay for their tuition through a scheduling link using Stripe services or Pay Pal. We are not able to process credit card payments outside of our website.

If your payment does not go through and is NSF, we charge a $40.00 NSF & late fee. 

Lesson Make-Ups:

Realizing that students may occasionally miss a lesson, we will provide a makeup with a 24 hour notice of cancellation. Dependent upon scheduling and horse availability, your make-up will either be a mounted or ground lesson. If you are ill or injured, we will accept less than a 24 hour notice. Cancellations received after your lesson time do no qualify for a make-up.  All make-ups must be completed by the end of the month, or at the latest, the first week of the next month. It is your responsibility to schedule and attend your make-up. If you miss your make-up, you forfeit the lesson. If your schedule does not allow for a make-up, you forfeit that lesson. 

If a lesson must be cancelled due to your instructor's absence, weather or some other extenuating circumstance, the instructor will schedule your make-up within a 30 day period. 

If necessary a make-up lesson will be taught as a 'back to back' immediately following your regular lesson that same day. 


Other than 'Meet the Ponies', 'Lead-line' and 'A Day Spent at TRS' we offer value priced lessons if purchased in monthly packages.  As an additional thank you to those participants pre-purchasing three months of lessons, we are providing an additional 10% discount over our value package rates.  Your tuition payment allows you access to an assigned lesson or lease horse, grooming tools, saddle, bridle and other riding tack, instruction, ability to join our Competition Horse Show team and posted horsemanship classes. 

We do offer single lesson purchases for an additional $5.00 per lesson over the package lesson rates. Your best value is to purchase a minimum of four lessons. 

Single lesson purchase rate   $60.00 for a 30 minute private lesson 

Level I & Level II - once a week lessons: 

Lessons are one hour, 30 mins riding instruction and 30 mins to tack up, groom & put the horse away.

Pre-Purchase Value Rates

Monthly purchase :             $ 220.00 per month for a package of 4 lessons and one horsemanship class. 

Quarterly purchase:            $ 594.00 ( a monthly discount of 10%)

Level I & Level II - twice a week lessons

Lessons are one hour, 30 mins of riding instruction and 30 mins to tack up, groom & put the horse away.

Pre-Purchase Value Rates:

Monthly purchase:       $ 400.00 per month for a package of 8 lessons and one horsemanship class.

Quarterly purchase:     $1,080.00 ( a monthly discount of 10%)

Leveling Up - Introduction to Jumping: 

Lessons are two hours, one hour of riding instruction, one hour to tack up, groom, clean tack & put horse away

Pre-Purchase Value Rates:

Monthly purchase:     $  500.00 per month for package of 8 one hour lessons 

Quarterly purchase:   $ 1,350.00 ( a monthly discount of 10%)

My Horse Buddy

Schedule your Horse Buddy time for 30 minutes of ground instruction plus one hour of Buddy Time.

Pre-Purchase Value Rates: 

Monthly purchase:     $ 160.00 per month for package of 4 one hour sessions

Quarterly purchase:   $  432.00 ( a monthly discount of 10%)

These offerings are available as a Single Purchase:

Meet the Ponies - 30 minute session           $25.00 

LeadLine Lesson  - 30 minute session          $35.00

    includes grooming, tacking up and riding time

Spend the Day at TRS  4 - 5 hours total       $30.00

     Sundays & Thursdays, must be scheduled in advance.