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Horseback Riding School for Children

The Riding School 

Riding Lessons

Weekly Lessons $300

Ages 7 – 18 

Here's what's included for $300 per month:

- Participation in Horse Sense Learning Levels Curriculum

- 5 Riding Lessons per term (one riding lesson per week)

- 6 Week Terms with testing

- 2 Unmounted classes (per 6-week term)

- Class binder, handouts, quizzes, and related activities 

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Little Dudes $200

Ages 4 - 7 

Here's what's included for $200 per month:

- Lead Line sessions

- Participation in Horse Sense Learning Levels Curriculum

- Five 30-minute lead line sessions, 15 minutes in the saddle

- Private session or join a “Grown Ups & Me" group

- 2 unmounted classes includes Rainbow Level notebook for coloring, handouts

Our youngest students begin to learn about horses and their care

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Registration is easy!

1. Select and purchase one of the packages displayed above for a 6-week term. 

Registration is not complete until payment has been made.

2. Fill out the online registration form.

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3. Sign the liability form, photo release form and policies and procedures form.

Sign Forms

Please note that registration will not be complete until payment has ben made, the registration form along with the liability, photo and policies and procedure forms are submitted. 

If the student does not have a current designated lesson time, you will be contacted following your registration, to set up a designated lesson time for the student.