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‚ÄčThe Lesson Program.  A Natural Progression Towards Success!

The most effective way to advance is to create a strong foundation to build upon,

there really are no shortcuts.  We take our students step by step to help them become the best they can be as riders and horsemen.

Meet the Ponies!  Ages 3-7 

Little ones meet our ponies to pet, brush feed or read stories to them. Kids are welcome to wear their favorite hero costume and the family has a chance to take some very special photos. 30 minutes

Appointment required. 

Level I -Building the Base 

Students learn the fundamentals of Hunt Seat, along with basic horse & tack care.  Mounting up, dismounting safely, how to sit balanced in the saddle, ask the pony to walk or trot, stopping, steering, posting trot and 2-point position are some of the base skills taught. 

Leveling Up! Intro to Jumping

Jumping requires that a student take a minimum of two lessons per week. Riders will be introduced to course work, riding pole courses at the canter demonstrating lead changes, work over cavalettis and cross rails.  Students at this level can enroll in "Spend The Day At TRS"

Lead Line Time!  Ages 3-7 

Introduce your child to the joy of of riding a pony.  The instructor will lead your child on one of our steady, gentle ponies insuring a safe and positive experience.  

Appointment Required

Level II- Transitional Skills

Learning about arena school figures, improving and strengthening basic position, work over ground poles, learning how to canter and riding in jump position. Although we are Hunt Seat Riders, basic Dressage is taught as the basis of all the flat work that we do. Jumping is 95% how you ride to the jump, requiring excellent skills on the flat. 

TRS Competition Team 

Students of all ages and levels are welcome to join the TRS Team. Participation beyond our at home Fun Day Shows will require parents to either lease or purchase a horse or pony and to make financial and time commitments supportive of your child's competitive journey.  You'll need time for your child to ride in lessons 2 to 3 times a week plus a day or two to ride on their own to prepare for competition. Your coach will work with you to find the appropriate horse within your budget. The Riding School may have a horse or pony for partial or full lease, but cannot guarantee availability.

No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.

Winston Churchill