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Hunt Seat Riding Lessons

Riding is an amazing sport!  It's challenging, yet fun. Hard work, but relaxing. Joyful, yet disciplined and focused. It teaches excellent life lessons about setting goals, determination and teamwork just to name a few.  Students build self confidence and have a great sense of achievement as their skills develop. 

 There is nothing quite like the joy of working with horses! 

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Our Philosophy

We believe that to be a good rider, students must start with the fundamentals.  By learning how to ride correctly, and mastering foundational skills, students will progress more quickly toward their goals.  There really are no shortcuts to becoming a good horseman. Like any other sport, repetition and practice is the key to mastery.  The most successful riders practice their craft and always put the welfare of their horse above all else.

 Riding is a demanding sport, but the rewards are great. It is a wonderful accomplishment to ride in a balanced and strong position helping your horse perform the tasks you ask of him.  

 A rider's highest goal is to form a partnership with their horse.

 Our goals at The Riding School are two-fold;  First to instruct and help our students become the best riders they can be and Secondly, to develop horsemen and horsewomen who both ride well and have the skills to care for the physical and mental well being of their horse. 

These documents must be completed so that you can participate in our equestrian activities, including mounted work, ground handling, grooming and training of the horses.  Please click the links below to fill out the forms.  Thank you! 

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