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Training Services for the Horse & Rider 

My goal in Training is to educate the rider as well as the horse such that the rider becomes more independent of me, the trainer, and is able to problem solve and work with her horse on her own as much as possible. My goal is to develop riders that are independent and have a solid knowledge of good horsemanship as well as having excellent riding skills.  

On the way towards achieving this goal I work with my riders one on one and help them to make the changes or adjustments needed in their thinking, riding position, and techniques to reach their goals as a rider. I like to see all of my riders progress in a logical fashion, much like reciting the alphabet.  Before you get to the letter E you need to know the letters A-B-C-D.  Before you jump your horse you should have a solid position, quiet hands, a focused mind and a plan. You should be able to canter a pole course with or without your irons and be able to ask for either a simple or automatic lead change. You need to be be able to use your aids in a clear and consistent manner so your horse understands what is being asked of him and can perform at his best. 

If you are contemplating starting your horse show career, I invite you to join my training program. I believe I can give you a very solid start so that you'll not only be competitive at your level, but have a great time achieving your goals. 

For 2020 and 2021 I will be focusing on riders who would like to compete, but have never done so. 

My training group will attend local schooling shows, USHJA Outreach Shows and possibly local rated shows depending upon the level of thee riders in our show team. 

Full Training Program$600.00 per month  Includes 5 training services per week which consist of up to 3 lessons and 2 training rides or exercise as one example, or 2 lessons and 3 training rides and *exercise combination.  Scheduling of the vet, farrier and other care providers, grooming care on training days, weekend turnout or hot walking and blanketing is also provided. Riders should plan on riding on their own one or two days a week. (* Exercise can be longing, bit rigging, hot walking, hand walking depending upon what is best for the horse at that time.) 

Partial Training Program:  $450.00 per month  Includes up to 3 services per week. 

Services are a combination of lessons, training rides or exercise and grooming on training days. Your horse will be scheduled with the group for routine vet services, horse shoeing, and other group care services.

Boarding is provided by Rosecrest Farm. The board rate varies depending upon whether you own a horse or pony, the amount of hay fed, and the bedding option chosen. Board is paid directly to Rosecrest Farm and is not part of the training fee. 

For more information, please use the contact form on this site, or schedule a time to meet.  I'd be happy to give you a tour of our home at Rosecrest Farm, and answer your questions. 

Thank you for considering this program! 

Deborah Ritchie 

Instructor, Trainer, Coach